Monthly Archives: October 2009

Using Credit Reports to Evaluate Applicants – Hidden Discrimination?

mployees these days are flooded with applications.  So they have to weed out people somehow.  Once you get past the poorly done cover letter, the resume with typos, the lack of relevant experience, there may still be a pile of possibly good candidates.  What’s an employer to do? Well, some are demanding from applicants the right...
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Government Contractors May be Prohibited from Mandating Title VII Arbitration

The Senate, with the help of a number of Republicans, passed the Al Franken Amendment (Senate Amend. 2566) to the Defense Appropriations Act yesterday.  (No Democrats voted against it.)  The amendment would prohibit government funding to defense contractors and subcontractors if they require employees to arbitrate Title VII claims.  The bill states that it prohibits...
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