Monthly Archives: April 2010

Maryland Clarifies Wage Payment Law to Include Overtime

he Maryland legislative session is nearly over for the year.  One favorable bill clarifies the state’s wage payment and collection act to include overtime.  Both houses have passed the bill, and it’s expected to be signed by Governor O’Malley. The wage law helps employees enforce their rights to payment for their work.  When there is no...
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The Prevalence of Workplace Flexibility Options

The President’s Council of Economic Advisers recently released a new survey based on Bureau of Labor Standards data.  The report examines the availability and effect of employers’ offering their workers flexible schedules.  As more families have both parents working, and more people attend college while working, the need for flexible schedules is acute.  Further, the...
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Long-term Unemployment in African-American Community

The Bureau of Labor Statistics released a report breaking down unemployment rates by various characteristics, including race, gender, age, educational level, and head of household status.  The report shows that unemployment rates, and length of unemployment, among African-Americans are higher across all other categories.  The highest burden is felt by African-American teens, with a...
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