Monthly Archives: September 2012

Discrimination against Smokers May Rise with New Health Care Law

The new health care law, recently upheld by the Supreme Court, may lead to more employers weeding out smokers.  Under provisions that go into effect in 2014, smokers can be charged more for their health insurance.  Employers that pick up a big portion of their employees’ health insurance premiums may decide to factor smoking into...
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Retaliation for ERISA Complaints about Retirement Account Misconduct

It’s not unusual for employers to retaliate for complaining.  Retaliation is designed to punish the complainer, and send a message to others about how they will be treated.  It is quite effective, especially in a sluggish economy, where employees don’t feel confident that they can get a new job. Fortunately, several employee protection laws have anti-retaliation...
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Union Approval Ratings Down, Shows Poll

Gallup poll recently probed American’s approval of labor unions.  Unions have been under open attack by many politicians, and more subtle attack by employers attempting to keep their workplaces from becoming unionized.  According to Gallup, the approval rating is at 52%, while disapproval is at 42%.  Not surprisingly, political party affiliation is strongly correlated...
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