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Federal Contractors Must Give Workers Notice of Collective Bargaining Rights

President Obama may have difficulty distancing his administration’s policies from the past era in national security issues, but not so in the labor agenda.  One of the President’s early executive orders (13496, issued on January 30, 2009) required companies doing business with the federal government to notify their employees of their rights under the...
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When harassment is too much to bear

In sexual and racial harassment cases, one of the most difficult decisions an employee can make is what to do when the employer is insufficiently responsive to complaints.  It’s safe to say that employers have all learned to parrot the lines “we take allegations of sexual harassment seriously,” and “racial comments are not tolerated in...
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Maryland’s Workplace Fraud Act Targets Misclassification of Employees

Maryland’s general assembly passed the Workplace Fraud Act this year, with an effective date of October 1, 2009.  The law addresses the costs to the state and others of employers’ characterizing workers as independent contractors, when they are actually employees. An employee, unlike an independent contractor, is covered by workers’ compensation insurance and unemployment insurance, as well...
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