Monthly Archives: January 2010

Quick Update on All-Male Panel about Women

The post on January 15 described the furor about the panel described as having “distinguished gentlemen” weighing in on the strengths and weaknesses of women lawyers.  The panelists, who apparently are well known for their mentoring of women lawyers, have all dropped off and the program’s description altered.  These particular participants were not challenged, it...
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Discrimination on the basis of “color”

Today’s New York Times published an interesting article on research about “colorism,” a touchy phenomenon that’s harder than race to discuss. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act has included “color” as well as “national origin” as protected categories, and forbids discrimination on those bases.  More cases are brought on the basis of alleged race discrimination...
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Increasing Diversity by Abandoning Discrimination

Many organizations, including employers, give lip service or even thoughtful consideration to “diversity.”  Some conservative acquaintances (including one parent) find this word an opening for a diatribe on what is wrong with the modern world.  Add “politically correct” to the mix and you may have ruined that nice dinner party. But increasing the representation of women...
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