Monthly Archives: March 2010

And There’s Even More Incentive for Maryland Employers to Hire

The federal government incentive program is great, and there is even better news from Maryland.  On Friday, the Governor leaped onto the still-hot-off-the-presses bill, and signed into law a program providing tax credits of up to $5,000 to employers adding the unemployed to their payrolls.  The idea is to jumpstart the process of moving people...
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Update on the Inspiration for the Franken Amendment

Jamie Leigh Jones filed a federal lawsuit for damages, charging that while stationed in Iraq, her co-workers at Kellogg Brown and Root, then owned by Halliburton, drugged and raped her.  Jones’ employer’s insistence that all of her claims must be arbitrated led to the successful passage of the Franken Amendment, reported here. KBR’s argument focused...
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