Monthly Archives: April 2010

Baltimore Jury Awards $225,000 for County Police Officer’s Mistreatment

William Blake sued Baltimore County in 2007 for retaliation.  Blake had testified, after being subpoenaed, in a case brought by a fellow officer claiming to have been forced into early retirement in violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act.  The next day the County ordered him to report to its chosen physician to determine if...
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New Federal Law Would Extend Fair Labor Standards Act to Independent Contractors

I’ve discussed misclassification of employees before.  The issue comes up when an employer decides to treat a worker as an independent contractor when the person actually qualifies as an employee.  The savings to the employer include worker’s compensation premiums, unemployment insurance premiums, the employer share of the social security and medicare taxes, and, often, the cost of...
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Wal-Mart Faces Historic Class Action Suit Alleging Systemic Sex Discrimination

Wal-Mart is hoping the Supreme Court will take on its efforts to avoid trying a half million or more sex discrimination cases in a single lawsuit.  On Monday, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals allowed the class action suit to go forward.  Fittingly, given Walmart’s status as the largest private employer in the country, it’s...
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