Monthly Archives: May 2011

Facebook Firings are Back in the News

The National Labor Relations Board has again pursued a company for firing employees over their facebook postings. Here is how it began.  An employee of a non-profit, Hispanics United of Buffalo (NY), apparently stated that some of the coworkers weren’t doing enough to help the non-profit’s clients.  Another employee posted that comment on her facebook page,...
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New Maryland Laws

Here is another update on new laws signed by the Governor. HB 1228 tweaks the unemployment law to allow for the maximum chance of getting full federal funding of extended unemployment benefits.  To meet federal standards, the state law needed to alter the definition of an economic downturn triggering the extnsion. SB 551 prohibits an employer from...
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Bullying Rampant in the Workplace, Survey Shows

A study published by CareerBuilder reports that a large proportion of American workers have been bullied on the job. Most reported bullying by an immediate or higher up boss, while others cite coworkers and customers as the antagonizers. An interesting aspect of the survey breaks down the type of conduct included in bullying. Some were...
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