Monthly Archives: مايو 2011

Women’s Recovery From the Recession

Last week’s Department of Labor study on Women’s Employment During the Recovery provides a framework for understanding how the female workforce is recovering from the recession.  The good news:  the  unemployment rate among women is lower than that of men. Part of that disparity results from the fact that women are more likely to...
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Cinco de Mayo Alterations to Overtime Calculation Methods

Today a new US Department of Labor regulation goes into effect that dramatically changes the acceptable method of calculating overtime pay.  One of the strange quirks of the overtime law permits payment of half-time pay for overtime hours when an employer uses a fluctuating work week method of calculating pay.  Under this system, a salaried employee who...
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Department of Labor Walks the Walk

Last week the Department of Labor announced its internal emphasis on preventing discrimination.  In addition to the categories covered by the federal anti-discrimination law, the department also is prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sex, including gender identity and pregnancy, and status as a parent. In adding status as a parent and sexual orientation, the Department...
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