Monthly Archives: July 2011

Congress Considering Wider FMLA Protection

At the same time that employers are wailing about employees taking Family and Medical Leave protected under the FMLA, Congress continues to consider broadening its protection.  We are witnessing a cultural divide between employers, used to dictating the schedules of their employees, and employees, clamoring for more work-life balance.    Articles constantly tell us that...
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Congress Considers New Protection for Unemployed

number of commentators, the EEOC among them, have noted with alarm that employers seem to be ruling out unemployed applicants when they are filling vacancies. Many people who lost their jobs in the recession (you have heard it’s over, right?) remain unemployed.  Employers’ insisting on currently hired people just continues the plodding pace...
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Wrongful Termination is a Narrow Path in the Thickets

The Maryland Court of Appeals turned down an employee seeking damages after her employer terminated her.  Debra Parks, a sales representative for a pharmaceutical firm, contended that she was fired in retaliation for her complaints about the company’s illegal marketing activities about a new pain drug, including the company’s alleged failure to tell the Food...
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