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Employer Loses Case after Retaliating against Harassment Victim’s Supervisor

Most employers have policies against discrimination and harassment based on protected categories, such as race, sex, religion and national origin.   To be effective, and to provide effective defenses against lawsuits, the policies often requiresupervisory personnel to report anything observed or reported to them that looks or smells like discrimination or harassment, regardless of whether an...
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New Study Shows that Native American Optimism Prevails even among the Unemployed

study published in the New York Times shows that the long-term unemployed are disheartened, but despite their troubles they continue to believe in the American dream. Many have emotional and mental health problems, in addition to the obvious financial issues:  joining social security early, with the lifelong diminution of benefits, facing foreclosures, giving up dreams...
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Congress to Consider Civil Rights Tax Relief

Every candidate talks about taxes, and how the tax code is full of loopholes. One area of tax unfairness involves taxation of employment discrimination damages.  An employee who complains of employment discrimination often has to wait a few years before the case is heard.  In the meantime, her damages have piled up.  If the employee...
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