Monthly Archives: March 2012

Fourth Circuit Allows Sex Discrimination in Severance go Forward

The Fourth Circuit just overturned a District Court decision dismissing an employee’s sex discrimination claim.  Karla Gerner was notified that her job was going to be eliminated, and was offered three months’ pay to release her claims.  She was then fired by her employer, a Virginia County, after turning down a severance offer.  Gerner identified...
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Fourth CIrcuit Emphasizes Necessity of Complaining about Sexual Harassment

The Fourth CIrcuit yesterday reinstated an employee’s sexual harassment case after it had been dismissed by the trial court.  Carla Dulaney sued her former employer after her termination, complaining of sexual harassment.  Dulaney’s shift supervisor demanded sex from her.  From time to time, she did have sex with him in the workplace, though it could...
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New Bills Would Require Employers to Accommodate Family Responsibilities

A new bill has been introduced into the House and the Senate, called the Working Families Flexibility Act.  The law would require all employers with at least 15 employees to work with employees who ask for flexible working conditions.  For example, employees who need to limit hours, limit on-call hours, work closer to home,...
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