Monthly Archives: March 2013

The Disabled Find it Difficult to Get A Job

The Census Bureau just released statistics showing that the disabled population is less likely to be employed, and more likely to be employed in low-paying jobs. It’s unclear from the report how detailed a statistical analysis underlays the conclusions.    The type of disability can surely affect a  person’s job prospects.  For example, someone with serious cognitive...
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Government Contractors to be More Closely Scrutinized over Equal Pay Disparities

Federal law forbids an employer from paying men and women different rates of pay for the same job.  That’s the Equal Pay Act.  A different federal law, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, outlaws sex-based discrimination in all employment decisions, from hiring to assignment of work to firing. Most of the time, individual plaintiffs bring...
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International Women’s Day Finds Wage Gap Lives On

It’s International Women’s Day.  (And let’s not forget that March is Women’s History Month.)   The difference in wages between the sexes persists, however, and may in fact be growing. Researchers have sliced through the data from all sorts of angles.  Many male-dominated jobs pay more than female-dominated jobs even if, by analysis of the education...
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