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Federal Government Proposes Regulations Requiring Contractors to Hire Veterans

This week the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs issued regulations and inviting comments.  The rules are intended to improve the rate of hiring of veterans by contractors receiving government funds above a certain threshold. The law already prohibits discrimination against veterans and against people in the military reserves. Still, it is always difficult to prove...
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Extra Staffing Leads to More Enforcement by Department of Labor

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has been taking on more cases of systematic discrimination, as compared to years when the executive branch was run by the Republican party.  The Department of Labor is making waves, too.  That Department enforces not just wage and hour laws, but also the affirmative action executive order put into place...
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Update on the Franken Amendment

The Franken Amendment has passed the House and is expected to become law.  Under the amendment to next year’s appropriations bill, contractors doing more than $1,000,000 of business with the federal government must agree not to require arbitration, rather than court, claims of discrimination, sexual assault, and other employment claims.  Six months after the effective...
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