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EEOC Announces Enforcement Priorities

At a recent conference, the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission revealed some of its priorities for enforcement. The EEOC is interested in attacking some of the barriers to getting a job.  Since the EEOC has the job of enforcing federal civil rights laws, the barrier must have some impact on a particular protected category. Its efforts...
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New Case Reminds Us of the Difficulty of Isolating Race Bias

A recent case from the local District Court, just affirmed by the Fourth Circuit (the opinion was by retired Justice O’Connor), emphasizes the difficulty of establishing discrimination in workplaces where the discrimination takes the form of “death by a thousand cuts.”  A Haitian worker, Geraldine Lauture, alleged that she was disciplined more severely than white...
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Is the Fourth Circuit Turning the Tide on Discrimination Cases?

Yesterday the Fourth Circuit overturned, partially, an employer win at the trial court.  The case came up in the context of a racial harassment case involving several African-American employees.  In the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission v Xerxes Corporation, The EEOC sued on behalf of several named employees and a class of people affected by...
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