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Maryland Bills to Watch — Part one

Maryland’s legislature meets only 90 days every year, unless special sessions are called for emergency purposes, usually budget-related.  As in most years, a number of bills affecting the employment relationship are up for consideration.  Some will disappear with nary a trace, some will get hearings but little else, and some may even pass.   I’ll post...
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Fourth Circuit Construes Computer Theft Law Narrowly

The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals recently decided that the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA) did not provide an employer with recourse against former employees who downloaded information from the company computer.  In the case of WEC Carolina Energy Solution, LLC v. Miller, two employees sent company information to their personal computers.  They...
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Non-competition covenants’ restriction on innovation

An interesting article concludes that non-compete agreements may be bad for innovation. Agreements outlawing non-compete agreements in California prevents companies from making and enforcing restrictions on their departing employees. The article concludes that the inability to restrict job-changing high tech employees contributed to the fertility of Silicon Valley’s creations. It also argues that those companies...
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