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EEOC Issues Guidance for Employers Hiring Disabled Veterans

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission issued a new guide for employersabout the rights of disabled veterans to be free from discrimination. Veterans are entitled to the same rights as other employees and potential employees to be free from discrimination, but the law has added a few additional provisions for them.  Disability discrimination seems to be...
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New Resources for Unemployed Veterans

Despite the protection of one of the strongest laws prohibiting discrimination (USERRA), veterans (and current members) of the armed forces experience higher unemployment rates than the rest of the population.  The Department of Labor has rolled out a couple of resources that could prove helpful in reintegrating veterans in civilian society. The first is called  Read more

Federal Government Proposes Regulations Requiring Contractors to Hire Veterans

This week the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs issued regulations and inviting comments.  The rules are intended to improve the rate of hiring of veterans by contractors receiving government funds above a certain threshold. The law already prohibits discrimination against veterans and against people in the military reserves. Still, it is always difficult to prove...
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