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Maryland Legislature Passes New Employment Laws

The Maryland legislative session just ended. As always, lots of bills were left on the cutting room floor. But a couple of interesting laws will become law if the Governor signs them. The most newsworthy bill would prohibit employers from asking their employees or applicants to allow access to their social media sites, such as facebook....
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Facebook Firings are Back in the News

The National Labor Relations Board has again pursued a company for firing employees over their facebook postings. Here is how it began.  An employee of a non-profit, Hispanics United of Buffalo (NY), apparently stated that some of the coworkers weren’t doing enough to help the non-profit’s clients.  Another employee posted that comment on her facebook page,...
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State Backs Off Demand that Applicants Be its Facebook Friend

Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services has backed off of its policy to demand that applicants and employees returning from leave reveal their facebeook ids and passwords.  The American Civil Liberties Union got involved, and sent a letter a month ago to the Secretary of the Department, detailing the unwarranted privacy implications...
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