New Nominations for the Federal District Court

New Nominations for the Federal District Court

A Senate committee has approved the elevation of two Marylanders to the federal bench.  Judge Ellen L. Hollander, of the Maryland Court of Special Appeals, and Magistrate Judge James K. Bredar now must be confirmed by the full Senate.  Judge Hollander would take Judge Andre Davis’s place, after his promotion to the Fourth Circuit.  Judge Bredar would fill the seat of Judge Frederick Motz, who has taken senior status.  He will still hear cases, but perhaps fewer of them.

Neither of these appointments is controversial.  Both judges have solid credentials and good judicial reputations.  Senator Cardin, who is on the Judiciary Committee, praised them highly.

The major question is when the Senate will have time to consider them, since the summer may be consumed with the nomination of Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court.  The Senate can be quite slow in considering judicial appointments, and there are more than twenty lower court nominations made prior to Judges Hollander and Bredar.

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