Congress Sends More Resources to EEOC

Congress Sends More Resources to EEOC

The staffing levels at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission suffered during the Bush administration.  With the latest funding bill passed last and this week by Congress, the EEOC will receive $23,000,000 for more investigators.

When claims are filed by complainants, the agency typically offers a mediator to allow the parties to work out their differences quickly.  If both parties fail to consent to this, or if mediation is unsuccessful, the case is given to an investigator.  There the case can languish, since the investigators are inundated with more claims than ever before, and their ranks had been dwindling.
Although it may seem counter-intuitive, the employers welcome quicker investigations, too.  According to the this article, employers are eager to have claims resolved more quickly, in part to weed out the weak claims.  For both sides, it is helpful when an investigator gets witness recollections in writing before those memories fade.

The EEOC is unlikely to feel that $23 million will solve all of the backlogs, but another 200 investigators is surely a good start.

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