EEOC Strategic Plan Pursues More High Impact Enforcement

EEOC Strategic Plan Pursues More High Impact Enforcement

Since the new administration came into power in early 2009, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has enjoyed more resources and more leeway to pursue cases of discrimination.  It has taken on a number of employers accused of multiple instances of discrimination, and has entered into highly publicized settlements with many of them.  The areas of interest span systematic sex discrimination, job rules with impact on certain religions (such as no-facial hair rules), and rules that discriminate against disabled workers, such as no-fault attendance policies.

The EEOC recently announced a long-term plan to increase its enforcement muscleeven more.  The original idea behind the EEOC and the mandatory administrative filing was to work out disputes quickly, and give the EEOC the information needed to identify and root out discrimination by taking direct enforcement action.  With more than 110,000 charges of discrimination filed in the last two years, though, the EEOC has to allocate its resources to maximize the impact.  It promises to take some individual cases, but to increase the number of systemic discrimination cases as well.

The strategic plan is still being drafted; the EEOC hopes to finalize it by September.  Any comments on the plan are due by tomorrow, and can be made by email, .

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