New Resources for Unemployed Veterans

New Resources for Unemployed Veterans

Despite the protection of one of the strongest laws prohibiting discrimination (USERRA), veterans (and current members) of the armed forces experience higher unemployment rates than the rest of the population.  The Department of Labor has rolled out a couple of resources that could prove helpful in reintegrating veterans in civilian society.

The first is called “My Next Move for Veterans.”  The website asks for the veteran’s military occupation code, and gives some guidance on jobs in the private or public sector that make use of the same skills.

The second is a veteran’s job bank, offering job listings from companies specifically looking for veterans as their next hire.

It is harder to prove discrimination in the failure to hire someone.  If a veteran is turned down for a job, he or she is usually not told why, and doesn’t have the inside knowledge to show it was veteran status.  Perhaps employers fear that the employees will be recalled to duty, that they came back damaged, that they won’t take direction from a non-military boss.  If these resources help veterans find employment, that would help us honor their service.

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