Senate Confirms Marylander Thomas Perez as Secretary of Labor

Senate Confirms Marylander Thomas Perez as Secretary of Labor

Today, former Maryland Secretary of Labor, Licensing and Regulation Thomas Perez passed Senate scrutiny and will be the new national Secretary of Labor.  Secretary Perez was at the center of the Senate controversy over the partisan use of the filibuster threat.  Yesterday the Senate voted 60-40 to end the filibuster against the calling of the vote for his confirmation.  By getting 54 votes to confirm his selection, he fills a vacancy for which President Obama tapped him some months ago when Hilda Solis announced her retirement.

Here is the President’s statement about the favorable vote.

Perez has been the top civil rights lawyer for the Department of Justice for four years.  In pursuing enforcement of the civil rights laws he has annoyed a number of Republican senators.  His pursuit of voting rights violations has probably been particularly rankling.  But as Secretary of Labor his focus will be on furthering employment opportunities and equality.  It will be good to have him there.

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