If You Have an IPhone You Have Your Timesheets

If You Have an IPhone You Have Your Timesheets

The Department of Labor offers a free application for the IPhone and IPod Touch to enable employees to track their hours.

Under federal wage law, the employer has the obligation to keep good records about the hours worked by employees.  Failure to keep good records is a violation of the law, and is supposed to penalize the employer in the event of a dispute over whether an employee has been paid appropriately.  In reality, though, poor or falsified records can favor the employer.  Although the employer has the burden of proof to show that an employee is exempt from overtime, or was paid for all hours worked, often the employee has no contrary proof.  So if the employer claims that the employee took an hour lunch every day, the employee may have no more than his recollection that about three days a week he got no lunch break.

With the new app, an employee can keep daily records of his or her own.  The Department is also making paper work calendars available.  Other technological versions are being considered.

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