Wal-Mart Asks for Supreme Court Review of Class Action

Wal-Mart Asks for Supreme Court Review of Class Action

Wal-Mart has appealed to the Supreme Court the Ninth Circuit’s green light for the massive class action suit.  As reported here earlier, the class action could lead to disposition of 1.5 million claims by women blocked from promotional opportunities.  The petition for review asks the Supreme Court to disallow a class action where each worker’s damages have to be separately calculated, and also complained of the sheer mass of the case.  The petition makes two main arguments.  One is based on the proper interpretation of the federal rule governing class actions.  The other argument contends that the plaintiffs’ proof is eased by this method, and that trying a case in this way deprives WalMart of the right to trial by jury.

Lyle Denniston of Scotusblog predicts that the petition will be decided this coming term.  If it is granted, then the parties will brief the issues, which are historic.  There may not be enough time to conclude the case by the end of the coming term.

One easy prediction: the fact that there are now three women on the Supreme Court will be mentioned frequently (did you read it here first?)

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