When do you need to hire a lawyer?

It’s when a lawyer can make a difference.

The best time to hire a lawyer varies from case to case. If you call me I will tell you if I think you don’t need me yet. Here are some general guidelines to help you out. Hire a lawyer:

After you’ve experienced sexual harassment.

Before you become disabled or die; you should have a will, an advance directive and a power of attorney in place. It’s almost never too early to have a will, but you really need to act if you have children.

After your first application for long-term disability benefits has been denied – I can help you with your administrative appeal.

Before you sign a contract to buy real estate. You might be unhappy with the default provisions if one of you needs or wants to back out.

After you’ve tried to talk out your dispute with your adversary or the company who owes you money, and you’re getting nowhere. We can explore whether a mediation or lawsuit is advisable. (But don’t wait too long – rights expire, and failing businesses go out of business.)

Before you sign a covenant not to compete; it might be negotiable.

After you leave your employer followed by a covenant not to compete, to see if you can minimize its effects.

Before you are fired, if you see it coming.

After you are given a severance agreement, but 

before you try to negotiate changes to the agreement. Employers do not usually welcome lawyers coming back to the well for more concessions. You usually get one good chance to start negotiations.

After your employer has refused to pay you overtime or your earned wages.

Contact me if you need help; I’ll talk to you on the phone without charge. 410-532-8900.