Links for Further Research

Client friendly legal answers

The internet makes research so much easier, by making periodicals, books, and previously unknown sources such as blogs readily available at all hours. Legal cases, statutes, rules and local codes can be located and read without leaving the house. With such riches comes the flip side – too much information, on too many levels, often making it frustrating to find the answer to a seemingly simple question.

Don’t look for this problem to go away since the internet grows exponentially. A new consumer-friendly legal site has recently debuted, which should ease the search for answers to commonly encountered problems. features a number of short television-style segments on a variety of topics, from criminal law to car loans. I appear in some of the employment area topics.

General legal research

A very good site is the Cornell University Legal Information Institute, at

Local research

Maryland court opinions is a good site, around since 1996.

The Maryland State Bar Association has collected useful links; the organization’s address is

The State Government is online at

The Maryland General Assembly's page allows tracking of bills.

Employment law research

Again, is an excellent resource.

A dynamic site with up-to-date news and interesting resources is Workplace Fairness. It is affiliated with National Employment Lawyers Organization, also a good resource to find a lawyer or information about laws protecting employees.

The National Employment Lawyers Association website has employee-oriented information, cutting edge news, and a good lawyer search feature.

To look for an employment lawyer in this or another state, or obtain more information, try Or check the Find-a-Lawyer section of the Maryland Employment Lawyers Association

Soon this information will be available on the Maryland Employment Lawyers website,

Another good site is maintained by Maduff, Medina & Maduff, a civil rights and employment law firm in Chicago,.

For a Pennsylvania lawyer, try the firm of Lowenthal & Abrams,