New Maryland Laws

New Maryland Laws

Here is another update on new laws signed by the Governor.

HB 1228 tweaks the unemployment law to allow for the maximum chance of getting full federal funding of extended unemployment benefits.  To meet federal standards, the state law needed to alter the definition of an economic downturn triggering the extnsion.

SB 551 prohibits an employer from retaliating against an employee making an oral or written complaint, or testifying in an action relating to Maryland’s wage laws.  The law clarifies that taking adverse action in retaliation means not just firing the employee but demoting, or threatening to fire or demote the employee, or taking any other adverse action “that would dissuade a reasonable employee from making a complaint, bringing an action, or testifying in an action under” the law.  A violation of the law is a misdemeanor.

HB 211 changes the name of the Maryland Commission on Human Relations to the Maryland Commission on Civil Rights, effective October 1.

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