Dealing with a Workplace Bully? Hint, Dust off the Resume

Dealing with a Workplace Bully? Hint, Dust off the Resume

An interesting article about bulling in the workplace reveals what you may already know: If you are being bullied, you are unlikely to be able to stop it, unless the bully leaves your workplace.  The original research suggests that almost 2/3 of the people bullied will have to leave their jobs, whether for their own preservation, or involuntarily.

The Workplace Bullying Institute has prepared an excellent action plan, with the first goal to preserve the victim’s health and self-esteem.

If leaving the job is probably inevitable, then the employer should be made aware of the situation, and the employee should insist that it be fixed – all the while, of course, remembering that the employer is unlikely to get rid of the bully.  The action plan reminds us that some employers may want to get rid of the bullies.  The ones that don’t can’t be trusted to care about the welfare of their employees.  And the employee who was targeted for bullying should make a public statement about the situation, leaving in disgust that it was allowed to continue.

The Workplace Bullying Institute is also responsible for the movement to introduce anti-bullying legislation at the state level.  Maryland considered the law in March; I testified on its behalf.  Although the law did not make it out of committee in Maryland’s General Assembly this year, we are hopeful it will be reintroduced and given a favorable report next session.

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