International Women’s Day Finds Wage Gap Lives On

International Women’s Day Finds Wage Gap Lives On

It’s International Women’s Day.  (And let’s not forget that March is Women’s History Month.)   The difference in wages between the sexes persists, however, and may in fact be growing.

Researchers have sliced through the data from all sorts of angles.  Many male-dominated jobs pay more than female-dominated jobs even if, by analysis of the education and brainpower needed for the female-dominated job, the average wages for the different occupations should be identical or even reversed.

When comparing men and women in the same occupation, the statistics come in across the board.  As this analysis reports, male physicians are much more highly paid than females; female counselors, however, earn slightly more than men do.

There are discussions about whether women do not negotiate for better salaries, or if they try, are rejected as overly aggressive.

No matter how statisticians try to equalize for the fact that more women take time out of the workplace to have children, or work part-time for a few years, or tend to take lower paid jobs, there remains an unexplained gap.  The only reasonable conclusion is that pervasive discrimination still depresses women’s pay.

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